Build, proportions and coloring of the Bernese Mountain Dog – what do I look like?

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog with strong skeleton, but also agile, harmoniously built, with strong limbs. Bernese Dog’s weight (dogs: 45-60 kg; bitches: 35-45 kg) and its height (height at the withers: 64-70 cm; bitches: 58-66 cm) make the dog very impressive. The Bernese Dog’s proportions are particularly important: these should neither be too high nor too low; neither stocky nor too long. Dogs are usually larger and more massive than bitches. Individual dogs may differ in weight and height, but Bernese Dogs are usually large and have strong muscles. Bernese Dogs are big eaters, but you can also meet ones that do not eat so much. Attention! It is hard to refuse when those beautiful eyes of a little bear are looking at us pleadingly. Yet, we must remember that Bernese Dog cannot be obese, especially because it strains their joints and heart. The coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog is undoubtedly the most eye-catching and delightful element of the dog’s appearance. It is long, dense, soft and silky, a bit wavy, always tri-colour. The arrangement of colours is very characteristic for this breed: black coat, red spots on cheeks, above eyes, on on limbs and on chest, white arrow on the head, white hair on the chest, white markings on paws and the end of the tail.
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